Workbooks that support your coaching

Committing your actions and ideas to paper helps cement it in your mind and can offer clarity when things get a bit, chaotic.

The workbooks I designed are sometimes used as part of my coaching sessions to help you focus your thoughts. These range from Business Plans that are specifically designed for small and startup businesses; Social Media Marketing Strategies to help you stay on track and on message during your marketing; and Competitor Research that will ensure that you know your market space.

Together these help build the backbone of your business and make for great reference material during our calls. They are specifically designed to get you started and are by no means the end result – everyone has to start somewhere.

These workbooks are only available to my clients. If you feel you could benefit from one, book a coaching session to help you grow your business.

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Achieving your goals and becoming more productive works far better when you have a coach to support you and hold you to account for what you promise to do!

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Business Coaching

From launching a startup to business growth, get the support you need.

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If you need help launching the next big thing, then you may have thought about business consulting to help you grow your idea and make it a reality.

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The right tools, for the right job

People always skip the ‘boring’ step and leap right into the fun stuff like website design.

Everyone seems to want to jump right to the end result, a website, or making a sale. They forget that to actually run a successful business in the long run you need a plan. Something that you refer to, that guides your decisions, that keeps you on track with your goals and mission.

Here you’ll find a selection of the workbooks I use with my clients during our sessions to help both stimulate the thought process and lay the foundations for a thriving business.

Quick Business Plan

Unless you need to apply for business financing then really all you need is a simple plan that doesn’t terrify the life out of you and something you won’t ever look at again after writing it.

My workbook helps take you through the 6 main things you need to think about before launching your next venture.

Vision Planner

You probably know why you’re starting your business but how much thought have you given to its future?

It’s important to know where you want your business to be and how you want it to be perceived by the outside world.

Understanding Your USP

What makes your business unique, truly unique. Not that you give great service or that you’re the cheapest – what sets you apart from all the competition.

Having a USP enables you to draw on it throughout your business life, it will help you with marketing and branding!

Competitor Research

This is a fairly basic workbook but it helps you concentrate your efforts when it comes to sussing out the competition. When you really start digging you’ll be amazed at how much competition actually already exists out there, be that direct or implied.

Goal Planner

Knowing where you are right now is important, knowing where you want to be in 5 or 10 years time can help give you clarity over the decisions you make now and how they will impact the future of your business.

Finding Your Ideal Customer

Who are you trying to pitch too? Who is going to buy your customer? Who are you marketing too? The more specific you can be the less time and money you will waste on marketing and the better chance to convert that customer will be.

Social Media Strategy

Knowing what you intend to share with your Tribe compared to just ‘winging it’ can be the difference between loyal followers and talking to yourself in the dark. Planning ahead is key and can be a useful tool if you are going to use a Social Media Content Creator.


Here’s what my happy clients had to say about my services:

Jamie was attentive, clear and extremely helpful in our session. Thanks so much.


It is great to work with Jamie. He helped me find solutions for postponed tasks. Every week I know I have a call with him, I worked harder to complete more must-dos. I am having more sessions with him and would definitely recommend Jamie to others.


I’ve had fancy business coaches in the past and I paid up to 1600 Euro a month for other complex coaches with all sorts of techniques but I found that with Jamie I ended up getting more tasks completed than any other coach. We used Trello and a layout which I found was exactly what I needed.


Amazing! I had the best experience with Jamie. He’s very knowledgeable, personable and has helped me tremendously with my startup. I look forward to working with him long term on a regular basis. Highly recommended.


Excellent service. did not expect this level of comprehensiveness as feedback on my website.


Purely amazing talk with Jamie. Gave me a massive insight into what I need to do next, will be working with him again soon!


He is awesome!!! He is so easy to talk to. I feel great about the future of my new business, now that I have him to talk to.


Jamie has really helped me focus on what was important the last month and made sure I stayed on track and did the tasks that gets the most results. So happy I found Jamie and I end up getting more practical advice with no fancy gimmicks. I will stay getting his coaching for the foreseeable future.


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