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Some highlights of the work I’ve been lucky enough to do with my fantastic clients.

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Dog food distribution company, UK

Hours Saved (Annually)

Going multi-channel

When an e-commerce business wanted to grow from just their own website into other marketplaces like eBay and Amazon the logistics in keeping on top of orders and stock became a little daunting. The desire, however, was to make sure that they maximised every avenue of potential sales but keep things organised and simple behind the scenes.

I helped this small business change their processes and technology to really take the stress out of their new venture. It wasn’t easy as the budget was tight but the requirements for automation and simplicity were large!

Finding a new platform to manage this task was something that they had tried but found it just too complicated and time-consuming. So I took over the process and with their wish list in hand set out to find them the perfect piece of kit.

After much testing, speaking with software companies and banging my head against various hard services I did find them a workable solution. It met 90% of what they were looking for so was the best fit for the budget given. I helped them roll it out and now what used to take 5 hours a day takes just 1. Now that’s efficient.

Needing more paws

When you own a pet business that has gone from just a few paws to more paws than you can count it’s time to bring in something more than a paper-based management system.

This is exactly what the owner of this small business did by getting me to help with moving them from a paper-based diary system to a fully automated electronic system that has the ability to really scale with their business.

With this great project, I had to implement customer self-service, driver routing and management, usage reporting, all under a tight budget and importantly really user-friendly.

Dog walking and daycare business, UK

Heating company, UK

Budget Saved (Annually)

Back office to contact centre

When your business is booming and calls are flooding in from people wanting to use your service your current operation suddenly needs to go from a few office workers to a fully working contact centre.

​That is exactly what happened to this medium sized business so I was brought in to make the transformation into a modern communications hub.

​This was a massive project which took months to work through and a huge amount of research and planning. It was important to take into account all the needs and requirements of various departments, clients, customers and of course the staff.

By working with their senior management I was able to source a cloud-based telephony company that radically changed the way the company engaged with its customers. Not only that, new staff and leaders were required as well as process changes and new training to bring in this new era of change.

This was a great long term project and really helped set them up for the future.

Recruiting the best

When it comes to recruiting the best people for delivering truly exceptional customer service it can be really hard to get it right first time.

I supported this medium sized charity by completely changing the way their call centre recruited its agents. I helped them develop new vetting techniques as well as group interviews. By working alongside their management team I was able to embed the new processes and help transfer my knowledge to make sure they could continue to refine and develop this new way of recruiting.

Together we reduced staff turnover from 56% to less than 5% in 12 months.

Social housing, UK

Staff Turnover Reduction (Annually)

Other Interesting Work

I have helped so many people with so many projects over time but here are some generic areas to give you an idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what sector your business is in. Let’s have a chat first though and make sure that I know I can help support you.

How long is a piece of string? Sometimes you might just need a one-off session, or you may need several months of coaching. It really depends on the level of support you need and the value you feel I add to your business.

I can’t make a promise that I am not in control of. All I can do is give you advice and guidance, you need to take the action!

I’m not an accountant. I know the basics from running my own businesses but if it’s about money or tax and you have specific questions, you’re better off asking an expert.

Of course not! What I am is someone that has been through the business mill several times and can help support you on your own journey. The principles I use can be translated to pretty much any sector and if I feel I can’t help you anymore I will tell you.

According to one of my platforms, I have served clients in 14% out of all the countries on our fine planet. So with that stat, I would say yes! I’ve helped people in Australia, US, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Poland, India, Thailand, Philippines… the list goes on!

Nope, not at all. I am a typical entrepreneur (although I do hate the term) and have my fingers in many pies! I still do large contract work, coaching, web development, Amazon arbitrage and am working on a number of other areas such as podcasts, live streams and more!

It is not really something I do. The reason? Because so much gets lost in translation with words. It’s hard to convey messages without body language and tone of voice.


Here’s what my happy clients had to say about my services:

Jamie was attentive, clear and extremely helpful in our session. Thanks so much.


It is great to work with Jamie. He helped me find solutions for postponed tasks. Every week I know I have a call with him, I worked harder to complete more must-dos. I am having more sessions with him and would definitely recommend Jamie to others.


I’ve had fancy business coaches in the past and I paid up to 1600 Euro a month for other complex coaches with all sorts of techniques but I found that with Jamie I ended up getting more tasks completed than any other coach. We used Trello and a layout which I found was exactly what I needed.


Amazing! I had the best experience with Jamie. He’s very knowledgeable, personable and has helped me tremendously with my startup. I look forward to working with him long term on a regular basis. Highly recommended.


Excellent service. did not expect this level of comprehensiveness as feedback on my website.


Purely amazing talk with Jamie. Gave me a massive insight into what I need to do next, will be working with him again soon!


He is awesome!!! He is so easy to talk to. I feel great about the future of my new business, now that I have him to talk to.


Jamie has really helped me focus on what was important the last month and made sure I stayed on track and did the tasks that gets the most results. So happy I found Jamie and I end up getting more practical advice with no fancy gimmicks. I will stay getting his coaching for the foreseeable future.


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