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Get help to achieve your life and business goals with Accountability Coaching

Grow yourself, with a helping hand

Need help with achieving your goals? Got too much on that you feel inundated and don’t know where to start?

Accountability Coaching is a very popular service that I provide which helps you achieve your goals and together we will work out a great routine and tracking method for you.

Each week we will cover your progress on the goals you planned to achieve that week, celebrate your successes and then plan for the coming week.

Cheaper prices purposefully made affordable

Most of my clients require my services on a regular basis. It helps you to get into a routine of talking about your business or your personal goals on a regular basis but you may just want a one-off session as well – I offer both.

My pricing is purposefully affordable, the reason? Because I believe that everyone should have access to both Business and Personal coaching at an affordable price that won’t break the bank but gives you what you need to move you forward.

You will see two sets of pricing here, weekly and one-off sessions. For work outside of coaching click here for project-based pricing.

Weekly Sessions

  • If you’re looking to get into a regular routine with your accountability sessions then this is the best package for you. Setup on a weekly recurring payment you’ll get everything you see below and can stop whenever you feel ready.
  • 1x 30 Minute video call per week
  • Productivity template
  • Message me anytime for support


£1199per session
  • If you feel like you just need the one session or only want a session every few weeks then this is ideal for you. Be aware that time goes fast but I’ll do my best to get your setup.
  • 1x 30 Minute video call
  • ‘Pay As You Go’
  • Purchase whenever you feel like you need support

Got questions?

Will you be horrible to me if I don’t achieve?2019-05-05T18:11:41+01:00

No! This is about coaching and growing. If you don’t achieve we will look at the reasons why and what you can do to avoid them again. This is a safe place – plus I’m quite a nice chap!

Why would I hire a coach?2019-05-05T18:11:41+01:00

People hire accountability coaches because they want to achieve more, want to grow, want it easier. It’s as simple as that. Coaches help a client get all three. To be a success you sometimes need a push from outside your circle of influence!

What if I don’t achieve my set goals?2019-05-05T18:11:41+01:00

Tut tut. We will talk about why you couldn’t do them, reset that deadline and I will coach you on what you can do differently to achieve. Sometimes clients like to have penalties – but we will discuss that on your first call.

How do you track my goals/tasks?2019-05-05T18:11:41+01:00

We can set up a free system called Trello or use any other piece of kit that lets us share a file. This allows us to both see what tasks you have on at the moment. We will organise it a tested way called ‘Kanban’ which will show you your progress. It’s super simple, visual and fun.

Do I need to use Trello?2019-05-16T21:17:35+01:00

Ideally, yes – but it’s not essential. I have used Trello to teach the Kanban method of task management for a number of years now and it works brilliantly and will hopefully help to build some good habits!

When will I be able to book my first session?2019-05-16T21:19:19+01:00

As soon as you can! My diary is in real time so as soon as there is a slot that suits you, you can book!

What happens if I miss our call?2019-05-16T21:19:31+01:00

I will wait for up to 10 minutes after our scheduled time to meet – if you don’t turn up I’m afraid you lose your slot and will lose one of the sessions that you’ve bought – consider it your first lesson in being accountable for your actions! I know it might seem harsh but time is money and I will be sat there waiting for you when another client could have had that appointment slot!

How do I book myself in to your diary?2019-05-16T21:20:06+01:00

This depends on where you purchased the session(s) from. If you buy direct through the website then you will book your appointment(s) at the same time as paying. If you bought them elsewhere then you will be sent a link and a code to use to book in your session(s) with me. Either way, you will be able to see all the availability in my diary and in your own timezone.

How are the calls done?2019-05-16T21:19:44+01:00

When you book you will be sent an email confirmation of your appointment and that will also contain a link to your Zoom call. All you need to do is click on it at the time of our call.

English isn’t my first language, is that a problem?2019-05-16T21:23:34+01:00

It really shouldn’t be, I have many clients all around the world where English is their second language. As long as you feel confident enough to hold a conversation in English you should be fine. I always try to adapt to my clients level of conversational English.

Other Services Available

I don’t just offer video coaching, I can help you and your business with a number of other services as well.


Here’s what my happy clients had to say about my services:

Jamie was attentive, clear and extremely helpful in our session. Thanks so much.


It is great to work with Jamie. He helped me find solutions for postponed tasks. Every week I know I have a call with him, I worked harder to complete more must-dos. I am having more sessions with him and would definitely recommend Jamie to others.


I’ve had fancy business coaches in the past and I paid up to 1600 Euro a month for other complex coaches with all sorts of techniques but I found that with Jamie I ended up getting more tasks completed than any other coach. We used Trello and a layout which I found was exactly what I needed.


Amazing! I had the best experience with Jamie. He’s very knowledgeable, personable and has helped me tremendously with my startup. I look forward to working with him long term on a regular basis. Highly recommended.


Excellent service. did not expect this level of comprehensiveness as feedback on my website.


Purely amazing talk with Jamie. Gave me a massive insight into what I need to do next, will be working with him again soon!


He is awesome!!! He is so easy to talk to. I feel great about the future of my new business, now that I have him to talk to.


Jamie has really helped me focus on what was important the last month and made sure I stayed on track and did the tasks that gets the most results. So happy I found Jamie and I end up getting more practical advice with no fancy gimmicks. I will stay getting his coaching for the foreseeable future.


Need something bespoke?

I’m always happy to discuss whatever it is that you need, so why not get in touch!

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