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What you get

If you are looking for a focused and structured approach to growing your business then my intensive coaching programme is ideal for you.

This intensive course lasts over a 12 month period which includes workbooks and video calls that we will go through such as Business Plans, USP, Social Media Strategies.

Throughout the course, you will have one on one video calls with me to support your journey through these workbooks and to teach you the best practices when it comes to developing your business.

This isn’t some type of eLearning, it is proper 1-2-1 coaching to teach you the skills and disciplines that you need.

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I’ve helped people from all over the globe and continue to do so every day! From people with just an initial idea to those that have already begun trading and helping taking their business to the next level.

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Virtual Business Coaching

You don’t need to pay £1000s for coaching, I use a combination of video calls and online workbooks to support you throughout.

I’ve worked with coaching companies that teach very similar strategies to scale up your business and that charge in excess of £3000 per month for something as simple as regular check-in calls!

To me, this is crazy and honestly, it really isn’t necessary. I believe that with so much information out there it’s hard to find a clear guided structure that is affordable to help people achieve their business goals.

That’s why I created this intensive package, to provide you with all the tools and guidance that you need to be a success – without breaking the bank.

how the course works

What you can expect

The intensive business coaching course is a combination of both virtual coaching and workbooks that you do in your own time. This allows you to really digest the topics we talk about on our calls and then enables us to review the documents together in an efficient manner.


    The first quarter is all about setting up and establishing the basics. Together we compose your one-page business plan, your vision, your goals and your strategy.

    You will get access to my custom made workbooks that will guide you through the key steps you need to take to bring all these documents together. We will then review and fine-tune them together over several video calls.


    Once we have all of the basics put together and a plan of action we will start to move into goal setting and accountability.

    In this first quarter, it's all about setting your 90-Day Action Plan and then we start our weekly check-ins to make sure you are staying on track. Each week you will complete an 'End of Week Review' so that you are constantly on top of everything you are doing and trying to achieve.

    Each month we then do a recap on how the last 4 weeks went, what you need to focus on for the coming 4 weeks and where you need some extra support.

  • Second Quarter

    You are now three months into your course, you would of got used to reviewing your weekly actions, setting your goals and monitoring your business.

    We will review your past 90 days and talk about what you need to work on for the next quarter. We are always going back and looking at your business goals to make sure that whatever projects you set align with those.

    This is where we start to take off some of the training wheels. Rather than a video call every week we now only have them every other week. You will still need to do your weekly review worksheets but this is where we start to work on your own independence.

  • Third Quarter

    You're now 6 months into the course. You will of achieved a lot by this point in time and your confidence will be growing in running your business. You may not have even started trading yet, it depends on where you are with your development and what you decided as part of the initial setup and planning.

    Here we move to one video call per month which is focused on your 90-day planning and then monthly reviews.

    By this point, you really should have mastered the technique and only need accountability on a monthly basis.

  • Fourth Quarter

    The final three months are now here and we do the same again as quarter three. Our calls are really focused on making sure you're reviewing your previous actions and setting strong realistic goals for your coming weeks.

    At the end of the course, we will have a final wind-down call to make sure you're already starting to think about the next year ahead.

    If you still feel you would benefit from regular check-ins we will get you setup up on the basic package as now you're a master!

the difference between basic and intensive

Why is this different to basic coaching?


Learning to run your business in a structured and organised way is essential to long term success.

Sure, you could just 'wing-it' and that might work but in the long-term, if you don't build solid foundations you won't have the success you've dreamt about.


Unlike with basic coaching here, we establish a strong weekly, monthly and quarterly routine that focuses you on your business.

That might sound strange but it's easy to get distracted by the more 'shiny' and fun parts of your business than some of the more serious ticket items. Getting into the habit and ritual of examining and reviewing your business goals, performance and actions is critical.


Throughout the course, you will gain access to my custom made workbooks, essential business knowledge and winning approach to business in a clear and defined way.

You'll come to know what to expect for each of our sessions so that you can better prepare.

packages for everyone

Coaching, your way.

Structured & Routine​

Intensive Coaching

If you know you are going to want a lot of help getting your business of the ground then the intensive package is for you.

This is a year long program that guides you through developing the fundamental tools for your business as well as embedding a clear and well defined structure. 

With structured one-to-one meetings, workbooks and regular check-ins you will stay on track whilst growing your business.

During our sessions we will plan your goals, track your actions and set you deadlines to make sure that you’re moving quickly and are being accountable for your actions.

1 Year Package

One single payment
£ 939 One-Off Payment
  • Initial Onboarding Calls & Workbooks
  • Regular Check-in Calls
  • Monthly & Quarterly Review Calls
  • Video Calls (via Zoom)
  • Workbooks
  • Metrics & Goal Tracking
  • Online portal to track progress
10% Saving

1 Year Package

Spread the cost over 12 months
£ 79 12 Monthly Installments
  • Initial Onboarding Calls & Workbooks
  • Regular Check-in Calls
  • Monthly & Quarterly Review Calls
  • Video Calls (via Zoom)
  • Workbooks
  • Metrics & Goal Tracking
  • Online portal to track progress


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