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Sunday Service: 10th May 2020

During my first Live Stream I covered several topics focused on how traditional retail stores my be changing in the future; what methods and tools I use to stay super productive and how you can use them too; whether dropshipping is still a viable business model and some of the best ways to make it work for you; finally I quickly cover some of the myths around entrepreneurs morning routines and how I have mastered mine, but not how you would expect.

🎥 This was a live stream: come join in every Sunday at 4PM BST ǀ 5PM CEST ǀ 11AM EDT ǀ 8AM PDT


(Click the timestamp to jump to the section)

– Are brick and mortar stores about to die? (0:40:11)

– What methods I use to keep me productive. (1:09:00)

– Dropshipping, still a viable business or just full of con-artists? (1:36:44)

– Why do so many ‘entrepreneurs’ rave about their morning routine? (1:54:42)

Affiliate Disclaimer:

Some of my links will be for affiliate services or products, I only recommend them if I feel they are worthy of my viewers and every little helps to bring home the bacon!

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