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Episode 4: Dealing with negativity from your friends and family

Wow, in this week’s episode I talk about how hard it is to overcome negativity from your friends and family when you’re trying to start your own business.

I had a really sad experience this week where I experienced, first hand, the object negativity that friends and family can inject into your life.

If you’ve ever pitched your business idea to a friend or family member and faced a torrent of ‘nay-saying’ then you’ll know exactly what I mean. Sometimes people that are close to you react badly when you first suggest that you’re going to strike out on your own.

Usually, this does come from a good place, mainly that they don’t want you to fail and would rather you not take ‘risks’.

The problem with that is in business, you have to fail. In fact, in life, you have to fail. It’s the main way in which we learn. We make mistakes, we look at why they happened, we adjust our strategy and we try again.

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