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become more successful and productive with Personal coaching

Coaching for all

Struggling to form a new habit? Not sure where to start with your never-ending todo list?

Accountability coaching (similar to life coaching) is the perfect partner for people who need to get sh*t done but need someone to make sure that they do it.

I work with people all over the world helping with their goals such as:

  • Weight loss
  • Wake-up times (Miracle hour) 
  • Prioritising tasks
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • And more!

affordable pricing

Accountability Coaching is a long term commitment.

You can’t just have one session and expect to be productive for the rest of your life. Coaching is about regular, weekly, sessions that you have with me to keep you on track.

What we do here is build ‘habits’ that work, with support through the entire journey, both highs and lows. I’ve got your back.

That’s why my pricing is a perfect match for people that know they will need support for a long term relationship.

Confront your goals head on

People I've helped

I help people every day, from every corner of the globe with building habits, rituals and achieving their goals.

Whatever it is that you need support with achieving then I am here to help support and motivate you.

Sales Targets
Weight Loss
Business Productivity
And more!

Friendly & Approachable

Support that you need

It’s easy to lie to yourself, make excuses or pass the buck. Not so easy to lie to someone else.

I pride myself on smelling the ‘BS’ that people throw around when it comes to making excuses about why they didn’t do something. However, it’s not something I ever dwell on with my clients. We all lie to ourselves from time to time, what’s important is that we break down those barriers to achieving.

That is where my friendly and approachable mentoring comes into play, together we work through the barriers, find solutions and approaches that work for YOU. There is no textbook here, no perfect method, just plain, clear help and support to get you into the right headspace to achieve.

Choice of Approach

two styles to suit your needs

Whether you’re looking for some simple accountability to hold you to account to your daily/weekly intentions; or if you’re passionate about achieving some life goals or forming new habits, I have a package for you.

If you’re not sure which is right for you then why not book a free introduction call and let’s chat.


If you want to achieve some key goals like losing weight, achieving sales goals or any other ‘trackable’ metric then this is the package.

You get access to my exclusive Coaching Software that will help you stay on track with long term goals as well as weekly actions. You even can record journals and upload files to keep everything in one place.

6 Months of Coaching
  • Setup and planning call
  • Weekly 30 minute check-ins
  • One on one video
  • Structured process
  • Weekly workbooks
  • Own personal tracking platform
  • Reach out at anytime


Perfect if you are good at setting your own goals and targets but just need an extra layer of accountability to make sure you stick to the actions you’ve laid out.

This is simple weekly action tracking and weekly check-ins.

Weekly or one off sessions
  • Weekly 30 minute check-ins
  • One on one video
  • No commitment
  • Freeform discussion

Together you will achieve your goals

what I can help with?

Increasing Productivity

A lot of us want to get more out of days especially if you're working on several projects or goals.

I can teach you some great tools and methods of really scaling up your productivity and making the most of your time.

That Side Hustle

So you've got a great idea, you've got everything planned but now it's about keeping on track with those goals and actions.

Easier said than done. I can support you by capturing the key goals for the week, tracking critical metrics and KPIs and being your sounding board for what to focus on next.

Growing your business

Personal goals are hard. I mean like really hard. Trying to achieve things like losing weight, eating healthier or even commiting to a better routine can be steep hills to climb solo.

This is where I can be that regular 'check-in' for you, to make sure you're staying on track and to discuss ways to overcome those barriers that you're facing.

packages for everyone

Coaching, your way.

Structured & Routine​

Intensive Coaching

If you are looking for all-out support building new habits are keeping your track with a project or goal, this is the right package for you.

With structured meetings, workbooks and regular check-ins you will stay on track whilst achieving your goals.

You will gain exclusive access to ‘CoachAccountable‘ – an online platform to track all of your goals, habits and actions. It allows you to manage all your appointments as well as cool tools such as journals and file uploads to easily share up to date information or talking points with me.

Before every session, you will have a review workbook to complete to focus your thoughts on how you did that week, input your actions and metrics and share anything before our call. Together we will go through what you achieved and set your goals for the week ahead.

Single Payment

One-off Payment
£ 599 One Off Fee
  • FREE Setup Fee
  • Initial Onboarding Call
  • Weekly Check-in Calls
  • Monthly Review Calls
  • Video Calls (via Zoom)
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Workbooks
  • Metrics & Goal Tracking
  • Own portal to track progress
  • Free BestSelf™ Habit Tracker
Save 17%

Monthly Payments

6 Monthly Installments
£ 99 Per Month
  • £29 Setup Fee
  • Initial Onboarding Call
  • Weekly Check-in Calls
  • Monthly Review Calls
  • Video Calls (via Zoom)
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • Workbooks
  • Metrics & Goal Tracking
  • Own portal to track progress
  • Free BestSelf™ Habit Tracker

For the Enthusiast.

basic coaching

A simpler less structured approach which works well if you’re already a keen productivity or goal-achieving champion.

The simple pricing makes it easy for anyone to jump right in and either subscribe or buy sessions in bulk.

Got something else in mind?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, I can also make customised packages.

Weekly Subscription

£ 9 per week
  • Book Instantly
  • Video Call (via Zoom)
  • Weekly 30 Minute Calls

4x Call Package

£ 48 one-off
  • Book Instantly
  • Video Call (via Zoom)
  • 30 Minute Call

12x Call Package

£ 140 one-off
  • Book Instantly
  • Video Call (via Zoom)
  • 30 Minute Call

Want To Achieve Your Goals Today?

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