About me

The man behind the screen


I’m a modern guy living in a world that changes every minute but ever since I was young and spent time with my Dad in his garage I learnt that my favourite thing in this world is making things.

It took many years to work out what I was good at making, and it turns out that I’m very good at designing new solutions to problems that people face.

​Being a fully fledged geek, of course, my problem-solving skills leant towards technology rather than carpentry like my father.

​It has served me well over my life so far and is certainly where I feel most at home.

It’s probably something to do with me being in that weird generational overlap between being a ‘Gen-Xer’ and ‘Millennial’ (apparently called Xennial which means I have the cynicism of Gen Xers and the optimism of Millennials).


I spent many years managing people, mentoring them, coaching them and helping them reach their maximum potential.

With that came my true passion for helping people and becoming the leader that I am today. I will admit here, I ruffled a LOT of feathers throughout my career, especially with my upper management. My style was so unique that the ‘old style’ Directors just didn’t understand how my technique got so much loyalty out of my people when they couldn’t.

I didn’t care though, it worked my way and I became incredibly successful and so did my teams and the businesses I worked for. They couldn’t knock the results!

Helping people is in my blood, I’m a true born people person and something that I am proud of.

No Bull Sh*t

Your friends and family often can’t give you the harsh truth that sometimes you need.

That’s where having someone independent of your circle of influence comes in really well. Although I will always try to put things in a positive way, I won’t give you any BS, it may be hard to swallow sometimes but it will be the truth and I will always try to help you find an alternative.

Professional but Casual

I don’t wear suits – I did for many years but they are now all resigned to the confines of storage.

Our meetings are always held in a casual manner, I don’t stand on ceremony and neither should you. I will always try to make you feel like this is a relaxed session and hopefully, you should always enjoy our meetings and walk away feeling energised!

You will move forward

Whatever happens, you will achieve, be that making a few baby-steps towards your goal or going from concept to launch.

Whatever happens you will make progress towards your goal whether you work with me for a day or a year.

We Keep It Simple

There is no business jargon or BS here. There are just two normal people working together.

I won’t baffle you with nonsense, we talk straight and in a friendly and in an approachable way that works for you. 

Your Dream. My Mission.

My Promise To You

I believe in people, small business and especially budding solo-entrepreneurs.

We live in a new age where there are no limits to creativity, ideas and achieving our passions.

My promise to you is that I’m here for you; I have no agenda other than to work with you and help you achieve the goals that you have set out for yourself. As long as you’re honest with me, I’ll be honest right back at you.

at the core of everthing

My Mission & Values

To give #Solopreneurs the realistic approach to bringing their idea into reality.


Never compromise on service.


Honestly, no bull-shit.


Deliver twice what the client expects.

being personal is key

Interesting Facts About Me

Well… I think they are interesting!


I love him more than life and he has changed the way I look at this world. I love nothing more than spending time with him, taking pictures and just being silly with him.


I love a new piece of tech or working on something new. Nothing gives me more of a buzz.


When something is broken and I have that lightbulb moment to make it work or how to build something – wow that is my drug of choice.


I’ve always been a people’s person from my days managing people to working 121, I thrive on seeing others achieve and have fun.


I love developing and creating new ideas and content, the process just gives me a natural high every time.


Nothing I love more than getting out into nature and exploring somewhere new. Thankfully I have my best bud who loves adventures too.

Do you want to grow your life?

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